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Please tell us the exact brand and name/model number. You may usually locate this information on the inside of the frame arm. This will determine if we are able to custom cut your lenses.

If the frame has no name or identifying number, please briefly describe your glasses.

At this time, we're not able to cut lenses for one piece frames that don't have a left and a right side lens, unfortunately.
Single Vision - Reading
Corrects a single-focal area: intended for close-up vision correction
Single Vision - Distance
Corrects for a single focal area. ie. distance or reading
Multi-focal lens with a seamless progression for distance, intermediate, and near vision correction
Select the magnification of your readers. The higher the number in diopters, the higher the strength.
Blue Light (+$25.00)
Disclaimer: Our Rx lenses may vary in color compared to our non Rx lenses so please verify the color shown below.
Black Tinted (+$50.00)
Brown Tinted (+$50.00)
Emerald Green (Mirrored) (+$100.00)
Ice Blue (Mirrored) (+$100.00)
Deep Blue (Mirrored) (+$100.00)
Fire Orange (+$100.00)
Rose Gold (+$100.00)
Disclaimer: Our Rx lenses may vary in color compared to our non Rx lenses so please verify the color shown below.
XTRActive (+$25.00)
Fully clear indoors and darken to grey in seconds, great for use in variable light conditions
Darkest lens in hot temperatures and the car. Best for wearers who are light sensitive or frequently in bright light. Available in polarized (grey only).
Transitions® Grey (+$100.00)
Transitions® Brown (+$100.00)
Disclaimer: Our Rx lenses may vary in color compared to our non Rx lenses so please verify the color shown below.
Standard Coating
Standard hardcoat for basic scratch resistance
Scratch Resistant Coating
2x stronger than our standard coating.
Anti-reflective Coating
Our toughest coating yet with superior glare, smudge and scratch resistance.
The most popular choice. Impact and shatter resistant, lightweight lens material.
Enhanced "glass-like" optical clarity. Impact and shatter resistant. 10% lighter than Polycarbonate.
1.67 High-Index
Best for strong prescriptions. Up to 30% thinner than Polycarbonate.
Standard HD
Optimal visual resolution and aesthetic appeal.
Extreme 4K
Unrivaled clarity with reduced visual distortion and a more natural appearance.
Segment height is the distance from the bottom of the lens to the center of your pupil.
Pupillary distance (PD) is the measurement of the distance between the center of the pupils of your eyes.
Get your free PD measurement with the GlassesOn app.
For quicker processing times, please upload your prescription. No worries if you don't have it, but we'll eventually need it to cut your prescription lenses.
We'll follow up in an email on how to get us your prescription once you obtain it.
It's only $25 to renew your prescription online with our partner Visibly. It's super easy and no appointment is required. Click here to get started.
To ensure a perfect fit, we need your glasses. You can either have us mail you a shipping box and prepaid label, or you can download and print the label yourself. If you choose the latter, the shipping labels are typically emailed within 24-72 hours.
By choosing this option, I acknowledge that I am fully responsible for any damages caused by the shipping courier if the glasses are not properly packaged and secured.
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